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.NET From a Markup Perspective

Microsoft Marketing is on a Tear!

I’m the first to recognize that it’s easy to complain, but harder to give props.  Today, I am giving props to the folks who started taking marketing at Microsoft seriously. I have complained both often and loudly about Microsoft’s marketing.  From the “Office Dinosaurs” to “People Ready”, our track record was looking bad.  Then there… Read more

Free The People… F Apple.

Could it really, really be? “We’ve got a pretty noisy competitor out there,” Brooks said of Apple whose “I’m a Mac… and I’m a PC,” commercials criticize Windows Vista. “You know it. I know it. It’s caused some impact. We’re going to start countering it. They tell us it’s the iWay or the highway. We… Read more

I Need Your Help Planning for SharePoint Training

It’s time to submit our FY09 plans, and I am looking for your help.  I’ve got a lot of really cool stuff to share with you around SharePoint this year (Enterprise Social Computing, integrating .NET 3.5 and Silverlight, creating solutions with SharePoint and Office 2007, integrating SharePoint and BI, and more).  Now, I need your… Read more

LabCast: Enterprise Search with SharePoint 2007

What a fantastic idea… online training with a hands-on virtual lab.  This is what I’m talking about… finding interesting ways to help you learn about our stuff.  I love this because you get the benefits without having to fight traffic to get to a training facility. Topics covered include: 1. MOSS 2007 Search Overview  … Read more

I Want My MTV. For Free.

I have been working with the Communications Sector at Microsoft for about 4 years.  My role has traditionally been somewhat of a demo show-off… show our customers in some interesting way how to use our technology.  It wasn’t until recently that I got where all the shift in business has gone to. Advertising. The reasons… Read more

Microsoft and The Blue Monster… I Don’t Get It

As much as I hate to admit it, there are still those within Microsoft who actually embrace the V3 mentality.  You know the old saying, “Microsoft doesn’t really get it ‘right’ until V3 of any product”.  There are actually people who cite missing or broken features as a symptom of a V1 product.  Recently, a… Read more