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Losing 100 Pounds in 5 Months

I have a lot of friends who have been asking me what the hell did I do to lose so much weight so fast.  This post is to try to capture everything.  I didn’t do some fad diet, buy any pills, have any surgery, or spend any money except for my gym membership. I made… Read more

Ten Years at Microsoft

Ten years ago today I swallowed the red pill. Prior to joining Microsoft, I was an independent contractor.  I worked for a few companies before the dot-bomb hit in 2001, and I was forced to seek shelter with a few different companies full-time.  I decided in 2004 that I would go work with Microsoft for… Read more

Create the Best App for Office 2013 in 5 Minutes

While speaking in Kuala Lumpur for the Ignite developer training, Chris O’Connor (aka @grumpiewookie) jokingly said that the whole apps for Office thing needed something catchy, something nostalgic.  We need some obscure JavaScript library to do something interesting, something entertaining yet educational. Something like Clippy. I searched for all of 30 seconds, and sure enough… Read more

Moving From Heroes to Mentors

In July 2010, I switched roles from Developer Platform Evangelism to become a Premier Field Engineer for SharePoint.  My role in DPE was amazing as it afforded me time for activities that I love, like participating in user groups, speaking at conferences, writing blogs, and sometimes posting videos to Channel9.  After joining PFE, I largely… Read more

Control Access to SharePoint Designer

You will often want to control who has access to use SharePoint Designer on your site.  There are a number of ways to control who has permission, you will need to determine the combination that applies to your intended use of the site and your governance policy. Determine Your Information Architecture Inside Microsoft’s intranet, there… Read more

What is a Dedicated Support Engineer?

For the past 7 years, I worked in Developer Platform Evangelism to talk to customers about the latest and greatest technologies that Microsoft would soon be releasing, and worked to gain early adopters of the technologies.  This was a very fun job, but I desired a change.  This past July, I joined the Premier Field… Read more

One Punch for So or Right, Two Punches for Ask

I received an email from a reader who posted an article on the use of “so” at the beginning of sentences, “Sew, A Needle Pulling Thread (Actually ….. the Other “SO”)”.  She included a link to an article I wrote back in 2004, “The Red Pill Affects Your Speech Patterns“.  Oh, how I wish that… Read more

My New Job – Now With More SharePoint

For years, I have blogged about having the coolest job at Microsoft as an Architect Evangelist.  That job’s still pretty cool, but I found one that fits me even better:  I am now a Premier Field Engineer for SharePoint.  You can read a little more about being a Premier Field Engineer online.  I will be… Read more

Outlook Social Connector for Facebook

  The Microsoft Outlook Social Connector Provider for Facebook is now available! I’ll admit, I am a huge Facebook fan.  I have come to use it more than any other social network.  That’s why I was excited to see the Outlook Social Connector for Facebook announced.  I installed it, and already am seeing all of… Read more