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Visual Studio Release Management, DSC, and Azure VMs

This post will show how to use Visual Studio Release Management with Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) to configure multiple deployment environments and deploy an application.  If you just want to see the big payoff, scroll all the way down to the section “The Big Payoff”. Background I am presenting a series of workshops… Read more

ALM for SharePoint Apps – Understanding Provider Hosted App Publishing

This post shows how to create a publishing profile for provider-hosted apps and use them as part of the build process. Overview This is part 4 in a series on ALM for SharePoint 2013 apps. Part 1 – ALM for SharePoint Apps: Configuring a TFS Build Server with Team Foundation Service Part 2 – ALM… Read more

ALM for SharePoint Apps: Implementing Continuous Integration

This post shows how to implement continuous integration for a provider-hosted app in SharePoint 2013.  Overview This is Part 2 of a series. Part 1 – ALM for SharePoint Apps: Configuring a TFS Build Server with Team Foundation Service Part 2 – ALM for SharePoint Apps: Implementing Continuous Integration (this post) Part 3 – ALM… Read more

Access Services 2013 Setup for an On-Premises Installation

This blog post will show you how to configure Access Services 2013 to use in your own environment.  Overview Back in August 2012, when SharePoint 2013 was just in Beta 2 phase and not yet released, I wrote a blog post on Configuring Access Services 2013 on Premises.  That blog post was accurate at the… Read more

How I Became a SharePoint 2010 MCM

I recently attained the Microsoft Certified Master for SharePoint 2010 certification.  I have long wanted to write about the experience, but honestly didn’t know how to begin.  After quite a few conversations with friends and colleagues, I thought I would share some insight about the process.  I am not writing this to dissuade you from… Read more

What Every SharePoint Admin Needs to Know About Host Named Site Collections

This post intends to tell you everything you need to know about host named site collections so that you can decide if they are appropriate for your environment.  This post is NOT telling you to run out and create everything as host named site collections in SharePoint, instead it is meant to help educate you… Read more

Consolidate SharePoint 2010 Application Pools

Working with a customer, we saw that they had 20 or so web application pools, each with 1 web application each.  The software boundary for SharePoint 2010 is to have no more than 10 web application pools.  Because each application pool can have multiple web applications assigned to it, and easy fix is to just… Read more

Set IIS Log Fields with C#

This post shows how to set the log fields for IIS web sites programmatically.  Code is attached at the end of the post. Background I have a customer that has many web applications, and we need to set the IIS log fields to do some investigation.  James Blackwell posted a great sample of how to… Read more

Making The Case for Async Web Parts

This post will show how to make a call to HttpWebRequest asynchronously from a web part and wait on the result or time out. Years ago, I was fortunate to meet Jeff Richter and attend a session he gave on .NET performance.  He discussed I/O completion ports and showed why any calls from an ASP.NET… Read more

Debugging JavaScript with the IE Developer Tools

An interesting question was posted on one of the distribution lists today. “The client wanted to look into this MSDN drag and drop typed left navigation bar to work on Sharepoint 2010, does anyone make this work or have idea about this?” Click the control that is circled, and the menu is expanded or contracted. … Read more