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Deploying Play Framework Apps with the Azure Toolkit for Eclipse

This post shows how to deploy a Play Framework app using the Azure Toolkit for Eclipse. Background I am working on a proof of concept with a customer that has several existing types of applications and is deploying them to Microsoft Azure to better understand application migration capabilities.  One of the application types uses the… Read more

The API Economy: Consuming Our Web API from a Single Page App

This post shows how to consume a Web API secured with Azure Active Directory using ADAL.js. Background This post is part of a series on building a SharePoint app that communicate with services protected by Azure AD. Part 1 – An Architecture for SharePoint Apps That Call Other Services Part 2 – Using OpenID Connect… Read more

Maven Builds in Visual Studio Online

This post shows how to use Maven to build projects in Visual Studio Online using the Team Foundation Server plug-in for Eclipse. Background As I have been doing a bit of Java coding lately, I am starting to see some of the opportunities to highlight capabilities people likely didn’t know about.  For instance, did you… Read more

Visual Studio Online, Git, and Eclipse

This post will show how easy it is to use a local Git repository with Eclipse for source control, and how to push to Visual Studio Online. Background Working on a few demos with Eclipse, and I am a bit of a code packrat.  As I build stuff, I post it to my blog, but… Read more

Use JMS and Azure Event Hubs with Eclipse

This post will show how to use Eclipse to build a web application that uses JMS to send AMQP 1.0 messages to Azure Event Hubs. Background I have been working on a project that leverages Azure Event Hubs, Azure Stream Analytics, and other related technologies to demonstrate a highly scalable IOT platform.  Since many of… Read more

Using the Azure SDK for Java with Eclipse and Maven

This post will show how to leverage various Azure SDKs for Java using Eclipse and Maven.  In just a few short steps, you will have a Java application that leverages Azure services. Background I have been working with a customer and trying to do demos for them, but I have been doing them all in… Read more

Deploy Azure Roles Joined to a VNet Using Eclipse

This post will show how to deploy an Azure worker role running Apache Tomcat using Eclipse, where the worker role is joined to a VNet. Background I have been working with a customer to deploy existing Java applications to Azure.  One of their main requirements is to be able to communicate with on-premises resources using… Read more

Creating an Eclipse Development Environment for Azure

This post focuses on how to create a virtual machine with the tools necessary to deploy Java code to an Azure worker role using Eclipse and Tomcat. Background The wonderful part of my job as an Architect for the Azure Center of Excellence at Microsoft is that it opened my eyes to all the wonderful… Read more