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SharePoint Social Computing – NewsGator Social Sites

I just posted a new Channel9 interview about NewsGator Social Sites.   I had the pleasure of talking with Brian Kellner, VP of Products for NewsGator Technologies, about the capabilities of NewsGator Social Sites.  Social Sites is an enterprise social computing platform built upon SharePoint 2007.  Laura Kellner, VP of Marketing for NewsGator, walks us through… Read more

Google and Time Warner: How YouTube Stole My Friend’s Career

I’ve got a buddy who is a very talented musician.  He has talked to several record companies, and they all have the same story:  we would love to sign you, but we just don’t have any money to promote you and get you started.  Sales are down, profits are down, and they attribute a large… Read more

Talking With William Oellermann About the Managed Services Engine

I had the opportunity to talk with William Oellermann about the Managed Services Engine (MSE).  MSE is a solution built by Microsoft’s SOA Solutions Team that facilitates enterprise SOA through service virtualization.  MSE provides the ability to support versioning, abstraction, management, routing, and runtime policy enforcement for services. Go watch my interview with William on… Read more

Looking at Blackpoint with Shaun and Sebastian from K2

Kirk Evans talks with Shaun Leisegang and Sebastian Garrioch from K2 to learn more about K2 Blackpoint.  Blackpoint is a tool built upon Windows Workflow Foundation and Windows Presentation Foundation that targets SharePoint, allowing users to build workflows and process-driven applications quickly with no code.  In this interview, you will see how K2 Blackpoint makes… Read more

I Need Your Help Planning for SharePoint Training

It’s time to submit our FY09 plans, and I am looking for your help.  I’ve got a lot of really cool stuff to share with you around SharePoint this year (Enterprise Social Computing, integrating .NET 3.5 and Silverlight, creating solutions with SharePoint and Office 2007, integrating SharePoint and BI, and more).  Now, I need your… Read more

Joe DeCarlo on the Microsoft Certified Architect Program

I had the opportunity to interview a good friend, Joe DeCarlo, about the Microsoft Certified Architect program.  Joe is an Architect at Turner Broadcasting in Atlanta, and came from a deep developer background.  In this interview, we discuss the MCA program, its goals and requirements, and we also discuss the types of skills that are… Read more

How Movies and Video Games are Made With Motion Capture at Motus

I finally got these videos posted!  This was an incredibly fun day for me.  I was fortunate to spend the day with Motus Digital in Plano, Texas.  They are a motion capture and film studio, and they were kind enough to show me every bit of detail about how motion capture technology is used to… Read more

Channel9 Interviews Posted

I have procrastinated forever it seems on getting some of my videos published onto Channel9.  Well, I finally found some free time and got a few of the videos posted.Trends in the Media Industry with Brian O’Neil Brian O’Neil is a Solutions Architect with Turner Broadcasting in Atlanta.  In this interview, Brian talks about the… Read more

Digital Asset Management and IMM

My wife says I have the humor of a 13-year old at times.  Maybe she’s right. I was able to interview Mark Kashman, Product Manager for Interactive Media Manager, on IMM as a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution.  I can’t help but picture Beavis and Butthead, “Huh huh huh… he said DAM.” Jokes aside, this… Read more

Agile Architecture with Don Browning and Peter Provost

Way back in November 2007, I visited Turner Broadcasting in Atlanta, Georgia for an on-site event focused around .NET 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008.  At the end of the event, I was able to corner a few of my friends for podcast interviews.  This is the first in that series where I interview Don Browning,… Read more