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Using Silverlight and AOL’s Video Search

I had the pleasure of writing a series of articles for The AOL Developer Network,  The first two articles of the series are now posted.  Part 1 walks through some basics of using JavaScript with Silverlight and using the AJAX API for Truveo video search.  This is a great way to start from the… Read more

Architecture Webcast Series – Architecting the Customer Experience With WCF and Silverlight

Thought I would let everyone know about a webcast that I am putting on this Wednesday!  I am going to show off Silverlight and WCF together, showing how to use things like JSON encoding from services and using that within a Silverlight 1.0 application. Architecting the Customer Experience With WCF and Silverlight   Wednesday, September… Read more

Highlighting Activities in the AJAX Workflow Monitor Example

In my last post, I showed how you can use Jon Flanders’s AJAX Workflow Monitor example with Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2.  After I got it working, I was so giddy that I kept on tinkering for most of the day.  If you have seen the DinnerNow scenario, you have probably seen the WF designer… Read more

Using the AJAX Workflow Monitor With .NET 3.5 Beta 2

Awhile back, Jon Flanders posted an excellent example of creating an AJAX enabled Workflow Monitor using ASP.NET AJAX 1.0.  What’s really cool is that you can very easily upgrade this sample to use with .NET 3.5 Beta 2 and use it without downloading the ASP.NET AJAX libraries since all of the ASP.NET AJAX goodness is rolled… Read more

Using SyndicationFeed to Access a Secure Feed

Prasad asks how to use the SyndicationFeed type in .NET 3.5 to access a secure feed.  I have to say, it depends on what you mean by “secure feed.” RSS and Atom are typically delivered through HTTP GET with text/xml as the content-type.  I have to assume that you are securing that HTTP GET endpoint with… Read more

Creating a JSON Service with WebGet and WCF 3.5

I couldn’t let it go.  Tim’s post had me intrigued about how to convert RSS to JSON using some of the new goodness in .NET 3.5.  If you use the JavaScriptSerializer (which, unfortunately, is marked as obsolete), then your code is as simple as this:<%@ WebHandler Language=“C#” Class=“Handler” %> using System; using System.Web; using System.Web.Script.Serialization;… Read more

Use LINQ and .NET 3.5 to Convert RSS to JSON

Scott Guthrie posted a great example of how to create a feed reader using LINQ to XML.  Today, I see Tim Heuer’s post on the JavaScriptSerializer type in .NET 3.5.  So, I thought I would mash them up and show how to use LINQ to implement Tim’s idea of converting RSS to JSON.  Unfortunately, the… Read more

Using WCF, JSON, LINQ, and AJAX: Passing Complex Types to WCF Services with JSON Encoding

In my previous post, I showed how to use the DataContractSerializer with the classes generated by the LINQ to SQL designer.  As a refresher, here’s the service.  It is a trouble ticket lookup service based on the 3 parts of a phone number (referred to as an Ani) which follows the format (NPA)NXX-LINE:using System; using System.Collections.Generic;… Read more

WCF, AJAX, and Virtual Earth in Visual Studio 2008

Eric Ebell, working at one of our service provider customers in Atlanta, pinged me about a JavaScript question, wanting to know how to call a web service and then fill a table dynamically with the results.  I am not a JavaScript developer by any means, so this was a cool little challenge to take Visual Studio… Read more

Debug JavaScript in JSP or PHP Pages with Visual Studio 2008

I am simply amazed at the JavaScript debugging with Visual Studio 2008.  The really cool part is that it is able to debug the JavaScript from PHP and JSP pages just as easily as it can with ASP.NET.  Think about it… you aren’t debugging the server-side stuff at all, you are just debugging client-side JavaScript. … Read more