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Keynote at Atlanta Code Camp this Saturday

I am very, very honored to be the keynote speaker at Atlanta Code Camp this Saturday, October 11th 2014.  I will be presenting “What Mobile First, Cloud First Means to Developers.”  I will talk about industry trends driving both mobile and cloud and will talk about the innovations that Microsoft is providing in this space. … Read more

Making SharePoint Apps Scale with Azure Redis Cache

This post will show how to create custom classes for a SharePoint 2013 app that enable the use of Azure Redis Cache. Background Often times there are web application design constraints that require use of session state.  From Scott Guthrie’s book: It’s often not practical in a real-world cloud app to avoid storing some form… Read more

I Love Orchard CMS, And You Should Too

This post will show some of the features of Orchard that I have recently fallen in love with. Background I have been playing with several CMS solutions in Azure Websites.  For instance, I recently built a site for my son’s high school football team using DNN.  Lately I have been tinkering around with Orchard CMS. … Read more

Solving a Throttling Problem with Azure

This post shows how we addressed a throttling problem when writing to an existing system using Microsoft Azure. Background I am working on a project with a customer, and we had the need to write to an existing system.  The idea was to collect input from lots of systems and input them into a single… Read more

High Trust SharePoint Apps on Non-Microsoft Platforms

This post will discuss some options for building high-trust apps for SharePoint when the app is not running on a Microsoft platform.  Background Let me start this post by saying I don’t have code to announce or a solution to provide.  I am merely pointing out that building both low-trust and high-trust apps on non-Microsoft… Read more

How I Built a Branded, Responsive Web Site in a Day

This post will show how I used DNN (formerly DotNetNuke) to build a highly customized, responsive web site in just over 1 day. My Requirements The first requirement was not to become the sole person working on this web site.  I am happy to do stuff like modify branding, do some light coding, and help… Read more

Initiate a Skype chat from a Windows app

This post will show how to initiate a chat using Skype from a Windows app. Background I am working on a team project that needs to add a bunch of functionality such as sharing to social networks and initiating discussion with others.  We have a very limited amount of time to build this functionality ourselves. … Read more

Sharing in Windows 8 Apps

This post will show an example of sharing using a Windows 8 app. Background I am working on a team project with a requirement to post information to Twitter and Facebook from a Windows 8 app.  We started looking at writing our own user interfaces to do this, and then realized this was kind of… Read more

Call Multiple Services With One Login Prompt Using ADAL

This blog will show how to create a client application using Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) that authenticates to multiple Web API applications in Azure Active Directory while only prompting the user a single time for credentials. Background I wrote a previous post that showed how you can create your own Web API that enables… Read more

Build Android Apps With Xamarin Using Portable Class Libraries

This post will show how to use Xamarin.Android and Visual Studio 2013 to build an app for Android reusing an existing portable class library. Background In a previous post, Using Portable Class Libraries to Reuse Models and ViewModels, I showed an example of creating a portable class library (PCL) and how to use it with… Read more