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SharePoint as a Product Platform

I am proud to have worked with the great guys at ThreeWill on a very badly needed paper, “Benefits of SharePoint 2010 as a Product Platform”.  We are still waiting for it to be published on, but it has been made available so everyone can take advantage of its insight today.

I talk with a lot of customers about SharePoint, about why they should consider building on SharePoint for their next project.  It’s not always an easy thing to see at first because a lot of folks only think about SharePoint as a place to upload Word and PowerPoint documents.  The fact is, SharePoint is an enterprise-ready version of ASP.NET, with tons of features built upon an already fantastic platform.  So when you are considering building another ASP.NET site for your enterprise or considering delivery targets for your product, you should realize the huge value of building upon SharePoint and give it very serious consideration.

Rather than list tons of reasons why SharePoint is the right platform for you, read the paper.  There are a ton of great ideas in there that show why SharePoint has a large base of users, uses the same development and debugging skills as the rest of .NET, and provides the capabilities that enterprises and ISVs alike need to reduce time to market and increase return on investment.