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Techniques in Advanced .NET Debugging with John Robbins

My colleague Glen Gordon just forwarded this to me.  If you haven’t seen John speak before, you owe it to yourself to find a way to attend this event.  Make sure to register!  This is an in-person event. If this event is full, or you can’t attend this event live, sign up for the Simulcast Webcast event. You’ll be able to ask questions and interact with John throughout the event.

Bugs suck and debugging is hard! Did you take a class on debugging in college? Of course not. You’ve had to learn debugging by trial and error, with lots of emphasis on the error. Another question: have you read the Visual Studio debugger documentation? Again, doubtful. According to the research, most developers spend 50% of their time debugging, but you’re doing it with your hands tied behind your back.

For instance, everyone knows the basics of setting a breakpoint, but how would you like to take your debugging to the next level? This two part session is all about how to really take advantage of some of the more advanced and amazing features of Visual Studio 2010 debugger. You have a killer tool at your disposal, now you need to learn how to take better advantage of it. This session will cover advanced debugging techniques so you spend less time debugging and more time developing.

You’ll learn the tricks that will make your coworkers say “Wow! How’d you do that?” You’ll learn new techniques of programming the debugger to stop exactly when your bug occurs. You’ll see how to view your data in ways you never thought possible so you can see what you need to see and spend less time guessing. You’ll learn many undocumented techniques for maximizing your usage so you’re never sitting there staring at the computer saying “what do I do now?” You’ll also see the brand new capabilities in Visual Studio 2010 such as IntelliTrace, the key feature of Visual Studio 2010, that will forever change the way you approach debugging and problem solving.

So if you’re spending 50% of your time debugging, and you learn how to debug faster, doesn’t that mean you’ll ship faster? You can’t afford to miss Advanced .NET Debugging!

Click here to register

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 1:00 PM – Tuesday, April 13, 2010 5:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Welcome Time: 12:30 PM


Microsoft Alpharetta Office

1125 Sanctuary Pkwy

Suite 300 Alpharetta Georgia 30009

United States