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Switching a Windows Live ID for Zune and XBox

I got a shiny new Windows Phone 7 yesterday, I was so excited.  I chose the Samsung Focus from AT&T.  I excitedly added my Windows Live ID to it during initialization, and the first thing I did was go to set up the XBox Live hub, anxious to see my XBox Live avatar show up. … Read more

Creating a Delete Without Recycling Feature for List Items in SharePoint 2007

In my last post, I talked about errors you might encounter while trying to empty the second stage recycle bin with SharePoint 2007.  My customer encountered this problem partially because a single site deletes upwards of 2,000 items per day.  They saw items in the second stage recycle bin that were 8 months old and… Read more

Emptying the Second Stage Recycle Bin in SharePoint 2007

Look in your second stage recycle bin in SharePoint 2007.  If you see lots of items that are older than the configured policy (default is 30 days), then there are one of a few things happening in your environment.  Your recycle bin cleanup job might be disabled, or you might be running into a bug… Read more

Deploying Silverlight to a Custom List with Visual Studio 2010

Interesting question today on an internal email list: I am facing an issue with deploying Silverlight application to SharePoint site. I am getting below error Error occurred in deployment step ‘Activate Features’: Failed to instantiate file "Lists/CustomWCFService-SharePointListInstance/SilverlightApplication.xap" from module "Module": The specified list does not exist. I checked sharepoint site and this list exists in… Read more

Where Developers Can Go to Get Help

I know what it’s like to be on a deadline writing code for something I am unfamiliar with and running into lots of weird issues.  I start out searching Bing, then I search sites like the MSDN Forums or  I will go read the MSDN Library, hoping for community content that clarifies the problem… Read more

Fun with LINQ and Distinct()

Had a weird scenario that I saw in some code today.  A weird structure was being used that we wanted to query for distinct items across a list of lists.  Lemme explain. Imagine a list of items represented as an IEnumerable<SomeType>.  Now, imagine a bunch of those contained within a generic List.  The result is… Read more

Slides from BPC10 – Best Practices for Composite Applications

I posted my deck for “Best Practices for Composite Applications in SharePoint 2010” from the Best Practices Conference.  Go grab the slides! This was a fun talk, I spent a lot of time talking about the value of workflow for composite applications, and how to use sandboxed solutions.  There’s some great content in here to… Read more

Slides from VSLive: WCM in SharePoint 2010 for Developers with Visual Studio 2010

I have posted slides from my VSLive! talk here.  This talk focused on deploying master pages, content types, and layout pages using Visual Studio 2010 and discussed how to use these assets with SharePoint as a content management server.  Thanks to all that attended, it was a great session with a bunch of great questions. … Read more

Deploying an ASP.NET HttpHandler to SharePoint 2010

Got a cool question in email today… how to deploy an HttpHandler to SharePoint 2010 that uses code-behind.  The answer is that you don’t really use code-behind like you would in an ASP.NET application where the code and assembly are in the same folder.  With SharePoint, you need to deploy your code to the Global… Read more

Disable “Unspecified Security Risk” Popup in SharePoint 2010 Asset Library

When working with the “Select an Asset” dialog in SharePoint 2010, I kept receiving these annoying popups that say “This page has an unspecified potential security risk. Would you like to continue?”  I tried adding the site to the Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer and set the security level for the zone to Low, but… Read more