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Water Cooler Interviews with Arpan Shah and Tom Rizzo

At the SharePoint Conference 2009, I had the privilege to interview both Tom Rizzo, Senior Director for SharePoint, and Arpan Shah, Director for SharePoint.  These interviews contain some great information about the roadmap for .NET 4 and SharePoint, Azure and cloud storage, and our increased capability to deliver world class public facing internet sites with… Read more

2 Coolest Things: Boot to VHD, and TFS Basic

This is an email that I sent to my co-workers, and decided that it’s something I should share with the masses.  I’ve been doing the same job for almost 6 years, not a whole lot gets me jazzed about technology these days.  This past week, I had 2 moments where I sat up in my… Read more

Showing a List of Today’s Birthdays in SharePoint

A customer pinged me with an interesting request:  given a SharePoint list called “Birthdays” that contains name, month, and day, how can I display a list of today’s birthdays?  I could do this with my eyes closed if I were writing code, but I know that this customer is not interested in writing more custom… Read more