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Unity Lifetime Managers and WCF Integration

My friend Drew, a Disney cast member in Orlando, started a blog.  Drew is focused on connected systems development lately.  His first post on BizTalk 2006 R2 and WCF Fault Messages was really interesting and quite well written.  However, I really loved the latest post, Unity lifetime managers and WCF integration.

When I first heard of the work that the guys at Disney were doing around Unity and WCF, I will admit that I didn’t quite understand the benefit.  Then Scott Densmore, one of the p&p members that created Unity and now an architect at Disney, explained it to me.  Unity is all about dependency injection, which ends up being quite a nice fit for WCF.  This allows you to create mocks for your service implementation, enabling unit testing of the services.

There are quite a number of resources turning up across the web on Unity and WCF, and the work that Drew and Scott have been doing looks really cool.  Go check out Drew’s post on WCF and Unity lifetime managers.

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