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Verizon Wireless Goodness

Just got this email from a coworker.  Had no idea this was available, I’ll certainly leverage the Friends and Family feature, especially for the conference calling number that we use within Microsoft… that will save me some minutes per month, absolutely.

I don’t know if anyone else has discovered this but Verizon has some new features.

First off – they are now offering “Friends and Family” where you can name 10 numbers outside of the network that you call often and they will not count against your allowable plan minutes.  There is no additional charge for this on plans over 900 minutes per month.

Secondly, you can now (for $4.99 per line) restrict phone lines in your family plan.  I.e. Number of texts allowable, Minutes allowable, TIMES phone can be used (especially useful for late night teenage texting!), etc.

You can set this all up on-line.