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More Community Love for Windows 7

Love to see the great reactions to the Windows 7 beta.  I have been running the beta for about a month as my primary machine, and it seems incredibly stable given its beta status. 

I LOVE the new taskbar, the window preview is even nicer than Vista’s (and I was pretty jazzed about that feature in Vista).  I really like the ability to control the icons in the notification area.  I am also a fan of how window docking works now, although it is hard to break old habits.  As silly as it sounds, I even like the ribbon UI in WordPad and Paint, I think it makes them easier to use since I still use Paint quite a bit (despite the awesomeness of Paint.NET). 

So far, the only application compatibility issue I have run across is that the application that comes with my HP printer won’t allow me to install because HP hard-coded the Windows version, the app says “Unsupported OS version.”  That was easy enough to get around simply by installing the printer driver.  

I have seen a few issues where various sites don’t work well with IE8, but that has also been easy to get around by viewing them in compatibility mode.  

I am pretty excited about Windows 7 these days, and love to see the turnaround in buzz about the product.