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Stonehenge: WS-* Interop in the Real World

There’s a great writeup on Port25 by Peter Galli that talks about the Stonehenge Incubation Project

Microsoft first talked about Stonehenge at ApacheCon 2008,  which was held in New Orleans last November.  Since then, it has been approved as an incubator project within Apache Software Foundation, and WSO2 and Microsoft have already contributed code for a web-services based sample application, known as StockTrader, to this effort.

Not only was the StockTrader sample application contributed, but Microsoft now has 3 code contributors on the Stonehenge project, including Mike Champion and Greg Leake

The StockTrader project was a favorite of mine to show to customers, demonstrating the interoperability between IBM and Microsoft and the value of a services-based architecture.  Glad to see that the investment in StockTrader continues with an emphasis on WS-* interoperability.  I’m also glad to see it move to the Apache Foundation, providing more legitimacy to the project as a showcase for real-world application architecture instead of a reference application.