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SharePoint Live Virtual Conference & Expo

Register today for the free SharePoint Live Virtual Conference & Expo! Hard to get out of the office?  Training dollars are limited?  We’re bringing you a FREE virtual event on one of the most anticipated software releases – SharePoint 2010 – live from the convenience of your office. We’re kicking off the SharePoint Live conference with… Read more

Water Cooler Interviews with Arpan Shah and Tom Rizzo

At the SharePoint Conference 2009, I had the privilege to interview both Tom Rizzo, Senior Director for SharePoint, and Arpan Shah, Director for SharePoint.  These interviews contain some great information about the roadmap for .NET 4 and SharePoint, Azure and cloud storage, and our increased capability to deliver world class public facing internet sites with… Read more

2 Coolest Things: Boot to VHD, and TFS Basic

This is an email that I sent to my co-workers, and decided that it’s something I should share with the masses.  I’ve been doing the same job for almost 6 years, not a whole lot gets me jazzed about technology these days.  This past week, I had 2 moments where I sat up in my… Read more

Showing a List of Today’s Birthdays in SharePoint

A customer pinged me with an interesting request:  given a SharePoint list called “Birthdays” that contains name, month, and day, how can I display a list of today’s birthdays?  I could do this with my eyes closed if I were writing code, but I know that this customer is not interested in writing more custom… Read more

Water Cooler Interview – Shane Young

  I recently had the pleasure of interviewing SharePoint MVP Shane Young on The Water Cooler show on Channel9.  This was a really fun interview, as Shane is pretty animated.  Mr. Young is the owner of, a consulting company that focuses on SharePoint.  Beyond the entertainment value in this video (I mean really, where… Read more

Unity Lifetime Managers and WCF Integration

My friend Drew, a Disney cast member in Orlando, started a blog.  Drew is focused on connected systems development lately.  His first post on BizTalk 2006 R2 and WCF Fault Messages was really interesting and quite well written.  However, I really loved the latest post, Unity lifetime managers and WCF integration. When I first heard… Read more

SharePoint and Workflow Resources

This post provides a list of resources for SharePoint, Windows Workflow Foundation, and using WF with SharePoint. I was lucky enough to present to the Wells Fargo developer group today on “SharePoint Workflows”.  If you read my blog, you might know that I recently posted a screencast on developing state machine workflows for SharePoint.  Yep,… Read more

Water Cooler Demo: SharePoint state machine workflows

I’ve posted a new video to Channel9… SharePoint Visual Studio state machine workflows for escalations and timeouts. After I went through the learning process of creating a set of screencasts focused on SharePoint development, a few things became evident.  I don’t like the name of the series, and I don’t like the lack of any… Read more

Connecting to Oracle from Visual Studio

Man, I am spoiled.  I am spoiled by how simple the free edition of SQL Server 2008, SQL 2008 Express, is to set up and connect to.  I found myself needing to connect to an Oracle database this week.  I haven’t had to connect to an Oracle database in years, I forgot how painful this… Read more