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Getting the Most Out of SharePoint – October 31st, Alpharetta, Georgia

I just got this in my email inbox from my friends at ThreeWill, looks like a great opportunity to learn more about why our customers are betting so heavily on SharePoint.

Here’s our Treat – Getting the Most out of SharePoint

Oct 31st Seminar at the Microsoft Alpharetta office

In this seminar we will focus on how our clients are getting the most out of SharePoint. There are two primary ways we are seeing this – one is that they are using SharePoint as a key integration technology and the other is a platform for building lightweight collaborative applications.

Also, learn about building applications faster by building on top of Windows SharePoint Services. If you have or are looking at MOSS Enterprise or Standard make sure you are getting the most out of your investment. You’ll see plenty of examples to spark some ideas about how you can do more with less using SharePoint.

It’s scary how many door prizes there will be – XBoxes, and Groove licenses, and SharePoint books, oh my! Well, maybe not multiple XBoxes…or maybe I’ll make this deal, if we get over 80 registrants I’ll throw in an extra XBox. Last Fall we had over 100 so this is achievable – Be sure to invite your co-workers!

And don’t worry, we will get you out on or before 4pm so you can race home for the trick-or-treaters.

Read more and register now for your chance at the XBox(es)