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Looking at Blackpoint with Shaun and Sebastian from K2

Kirk Evans talks with Shaun Leisegang and Sebastian Garrioch from K2 to learn more about K2 Blackpoint.  Blackpoint is a tool built upon Windows Workflow Foundation and Windows Presentation Foundation that targets SharePoint, allowing users to build workflows and process-driven applications quickly with no code.  In this interview, you will see how K2 Blackpoint makes it simple to create a workflow using an InfoPath form, route tasks to a user or group, send an email message, and send an SMS message, all with no code, and done in a very short period of time.  Given the price point of $5,000 US, you can easily see how this tool quickly pays for itself.

To learn more about Blackpoint, visit

Click here to view my interview with K2 on Blackpoint.

By the way, if anyone has recommendations on a microphone setup for interviews like this, I am all ears.  I had a Zoom H4 audio recorder in front of them, and it barely picked up any audio.