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My Love Affair With Live Mesh is Getting Deeper

The more I am using it, the more I am in love with it.  You can now access your Live Mesh using your phone at

When Live Mesh first came out, I didn’t completely get it.  Then I started using it more and more.

  • I added my Pictures folder to the mesh. boom, my whole family is now able to see them without me doing anything like uploading them to Flickr or posting to my Live Space.  It was that easy, just add the folder to the mesh, no uploading, no sorting, just right-click the folder and choose “Add to Mesh”.  And if my family adds pictures, they just show up in that folder.
  • I added my “demo” folder to the mesh. boom, both of my computers now have my frequently used demos on them without screwing around with some bit of client software like Groove.
  • I added my IE favorites to the mesh. boom, all of my IE favorites (which I *never* remember to copy after paving machines) on my day-to-day computer show up on my demo computer.
  • My wife was having problems with our computer. boom, remote desktop without having to email the Vista remote assistance file.

I can’t wait to have a mobile client for Mesh. hoping I can just point it to the folder on my device where pictures are stored, because I really hate trying to manage pictures and videos on the device.  I hardly ever tether the device to sync pictures to my desktop, and usually forget to paste the pictures to Facebook from my phone (I am too lazy to go through the steps needed to send MMS).