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My Phone Rocks.

It’s been a long time since I said my phone rocks… three years, in fact, since I actually liked my phone.  Today I bought a phone that made me want to share just how cool it is, the Verizon Wireless Samsung SCH-i760.  Despite the horrifically unmemorable name (nothing like “Chocolate”), the phone simply rocks.

Lest you think I am simply a Microsoft pimp and gush anything about Windows Mobile, let me be clear that this is not the case.  The reason I haven’t posted in THREE YEARS about my phone is that I have had a few in between that blatantly sucked.  My most recent phone, a Windows Mobile 5 model, could read email but could not delete email.  Let me re-emphasize this suckage… I could read emails on my device (which I primarily use, much more often than my laptop), but could not delete them from Exchange.  Oh, they’d delete from the device, but the next time I went to Outlook on my laptop computer, I had to re-read hundreds of emails and figure out which ones were going to be re-deleted.  Yep… re-deleted.  You can imagine, then, that I quickly bloat from zero inbox items to over 500 in a matter of a few days, even while trying to combat back to zero.  Besides email suckage, there was a nagging problem of needed to reboot one particular model 5-6 times PER DAY.  Suckage. Yet another model suffered a horrible inability to reconnect after a dropped call.  Drop a call, that required a hard reset because the phone lost its mind.

OK, enough bashing on what was.  Let’s talk about how my new phone rocks.

First, and probably most obvious from my rant above… I can delete emails.  This is a huge productivity gain for me and will stop many cross looks from product teams when I try to explain the symptoms.  It will enable me to close several open support desk calls.  Several support individuals will be glad to wash their hair of me, the ride Southern guy who can’t delete emails.  (By the way guys, keep that fracking ticket open, some poor customer is suffering the same and can’t figure it out, either).

Besides the basic ability to check email… I have a Verizon Wireless phone that can connect to WiFi.  Not impressed?  Lemme ‘splain.  No, is too much, lemme sum up.  I bought the phone out of my billing cycle.  Rather than pay an additional several hundred dollars for the data plan on another device, I elected to wait for a couple days for my new billing cycle.  That means I can take and make phone calls, but no data plan yet for a few more days.  However, I took the phone home, and it detected my home’s wireless signal.  Plug in my WEP key, and bingo!  Downloading emails, watching ESPN, all kinds of goodness.  This is huge, especially when I am on site and cannot get an EVDO connection signal but can get on their guest wireless.  Bonus points for being in that one spot in Birmingham, Alabama, that can’t seem to receive Verizon Wireless signals but I can jump into a Panera Bread Company and use their internet signal for a few minutes.

WiFi and deleting emails… not impressed yet.  OK, here’s a bonus.  I type a LOT of text (email, Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS, etc).  Nothing pisses me off worse than trying to find the ALT key to be able to type numbers, or colons, or quotes, or forward slashes (as in  This new beauty separates the numbers from the letters in 2 different pads, making this separation easy. 

The display… oh, man.. the display.  Slide it together, the display changes to portrait.  Separate the 2 sections, and it changes to landscape.  It just works, and it has a touch screen that works beautifully as well.

I’m still getting used to it.  There are some aspects that I am not a fan of so far, like the pictures utility that Verizon installs on the phone.  It’s just unfamiliar so far, but I am leaning towards saying it sucks. 

Also getting used to a few keys.  Would be nice to have a Windows key front and center instead of on the side of the phone.  Not for marketing purposes or anything, just that’s where it was on the past 2 models I used (oops!  No incriminating evidence there).  And I am not yet used to the scrolling wheel thing on the front… also new to me.

Highly suggested.  If I run across more fun features of it while playing tonight, I’ll post ’em as well.