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I Bought Guitar Hero 3 for Father’s Day. Ouch.

Yesterday was Father’s Day in the US.  We celebrated by going to GameStop and bought Call of Duty 4 and Guitar Hero 3

I made the mistake of putting in Guitar Hero 3 into the XBox 360 first.  I played it straight for almost 5 hours.  I have a freaking blister on my thumb, and my right wrist actually has a bruise from rubbing against the back of the plastic Les Paul guitar for 5 hours.  I could not put the freaking thing down. 

I played on Easy level all night with the sole goal of getting through at least 1 song with zero mistakes.  I made it through at least 3 songs with only 1 mistake, but never made the elusive perfect song. 

Great, as if Halo 3 wasn’t addictive enough to me.  Looks like I’ll be up late tonight as well.