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Channel9 Interviews Posted

I have procrastinated forever it seems on getting some of my videos published onto Channel9.  Well, I finally found some free time and got a few of the videos posted.Trends in the Media Industry with Brian O’Neil

Brian O’Neil is a Solutions Architect with Turner Broadcasting in Atlanta.  In this interview, Brian talks about the challenges that the media industry faces with storage and metadata, migrating from tape to digital, and how the investment in SOA is starting to pay off.  Brian knows more about the media industry than pretty much anybody else I know.

WCF at Turner Broadcasting in Atlanta

I was able to talk with Hongwei Yan, another Architect at Turner Broadcasting.  In this interview, Hongwei talks about what Turner is doing with WS-Security and WCF.  This is a great video as it shows how a major media company made a huge bet on WCF for their mission critical systems.

How the Hit Show “Family Guy” is Made with Spencer Laudiero

This was a really fun video to make.  We don’t really talk technology so much as we talk about what it takes to create an animated TV show.  Towards the end of the interview, Spencer talks about the impact of the writer’s strike and its effect from a writer’s point of view.