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Review: Vista 64 Bit and Lenovo T61P

Over the past week, I have had the pleasure of seeing how Vista is supposed to run.

I have been saddled with a horrible machine and plagued by display driver problems with it.  It ran slower than any other machine that I have worked with, and machines with only 1 GB RAM outperformed my old notebook that had 2 GB RAM in it. 

I had enough and finally got a Lenovo T61P with 4 GB RAM in it, and I am running Vista Ultimate 64 bit.  Holy smokes. 

I am finally able to run DreamScene (animated desktop background) without it completely taxing my machine.  I can watch a video, compile in Visual Studio 2008, and have SQL Server 2008 running in the background without any problems.  I even have a VPC open in Virtual PC 2007 that has 2 GB RAM allocated to it, and my host OS seems not to care at all.  In fact, I even have the Vista Sidebar open, I even have a few gadgets running on it… never could have that running in the past, especially not with a VPC.

The point is that the machine is working flawlessly and I haven’t had a single issue with applications running on 64 bit Vista.  In fact, it is by far the best Windows experience I have ever had.