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TIBCO Announces Interoperability with WCF and Adoption of Silvlierlight

As I work with various telcos, I have run across opportunities to integrate .NET solutions with Tibco infrastructures on a number of occasions.  Particularly, this crops up around OSS/BSS in the telcos.  I was very happy to hear that Tibco has announced a WCF channel that enables .NET applications to communicate much easier.

  • TIBCO and Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation – enables Microsoft .NET Framework services and applications to easily communicate using TIBCO’s industry-leading Enterprise Message ServiceT platform, giving these applications a degree of reliability and scalability not previously possible.
  • TIBCO’s selection of Microsoft Silverlight for Rich Internet Application development – Delivers the best experience for customers that have large-scale deployment and scalability requirements and complements what can be done using AJAX.

Today’s announcement is the first wave of commitments focused on making it easier for customers to take advantage of their existing IT investments in software from Microsoft and TIBCO.

TIBCO Advances Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with Closer Microsoft Integration

The Silverlight bit, to me, is icing on the cake, but the real substance here is the ability to use WCF.