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Doin’ The Hulu Dance

I am in love with

It’s slick.  The video is crisp, the site is incredibly easy to navigate, their player is very well done.  I’d gush some more, but a blog post at sums it up:

But Hulu’s strong suit isn’t their access to content – you can get everything they have from several other sites – but instead, is their quality and functionality.  Their videos are cataloged numerous ways to make it easy to find the exact content you want – plus similar content you might enjoy.  A lifestyle angle.  They also let you view the content in numerous formats and give you control over aspects such as lighting and resolution.  They’ve also made it extremely user friendly so it’s easy to share clips with friends and embed them into web sites.

[via Jim Warner’s Blog]

Hulu is (quoting the “official site for NBC Universal and News Corporation’s Hulu, a free online video-on-demand service where users can access popular shows and selected movies.” 

Read:  quit posting our content on YouTube.

It won’t be long before the cable and telco providers are faced with some tough decisions.  I don’t want to pay for television content. I Want My MTV. For Free.