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Agile Architecture with Don Browning and Peter Provost

Way back in November 2007, I visited Turner Broadcasting in Atlanta, Georgia for an on-site event focused around .NET 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008.  At the end of the event, I was able to corner a few of my friends for podcast interviews.  This is the first in that series where I interview Don Browning, Lead Architect at Turner Broadcasting, and Peter Provost, formerly of Microsoft patterns & practices fame, on agile methologies, processes, and tools. 

Watch the interview now: Agile Architecture with Don Browning and Peter Provost

One of the things Don mentions towards the end of the interview is how using Visual Studio Team System enables them to move away from the Gantt chart.  This is a mind-blowing concept for many PMs: how do you possibly manage a project without a Monday-morning meeting where you ask everyone what completion percentage their tasks on the Gantt chart should be updated to?!?  At Turner, they boil everything down to a set of features for a release and manage the release based on the feature set. 

Turner is pretty forward-thinking in most respects, especially with their development and release processes… let me know what type of questions you would like to hear from them and I will try to get some follow-on interviews.