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Virtual Earth Now Supports Pin Clustering

Very cool… Virtual Earth now supports pin clustering.  You can see a sample that shows pin clustering.  You can control clustering with a VEClusteringOptions class, which contains properties for the Icon and callback method. This is a lot easier that the kludge code that I wrote for a customer awhile back, and works a lot… Read more

WSRP Toolkit for SharePoint Announced

I have worked with many customers on understanding WSRP and the producer vs. consumer discussion.  We introduced a WSRP consumer web part in MOSS 2007, and it’s great to finally announce that we have a producer story as well.  Go to Ryan’s blog to see more about the WSRP Toolkit for SharePoint…. Read more

Understanding Tracking in Windows Workflow Foundation

This post will show how to create a simple console application that executes tracking queries in Windows Workflow Foundation 3.0. In my last post, I created a demo that shows how easy it is to use the persistence capabilities of WF.  Another incredibly valuable feature of WF 3.0 is the ability to use tracking.  Tracking,… Read more

Understanding Persistence in Windows Workflow Foundation

This post will show how to use the DelayActivity in Windows Workflow Foundation 3.0 to scale an application out to multiple processes.  I will show how to enable persistence and how to create an application that can resume workflows whose timers have expired.  I also show passing parameters to a workflow, creating multiple workflow instances,… Read more

Windows Server 2008 – The only web server you’ll ever need.

I just learned about a new site that we have put together,  This is a very cool site that lists a bunch of great information about why to use Windows Server as your web server.  It’s a great collection of resources that point to events, downloads, and further information on components of the Microsoft… Read more

The PDC That Took Weeks to Digest

I was there:  PDC 2008, when Windows Azure was announced.  Reactions in the crowd, admittedly, ranged from “great, not even the keynote presenter can pronounce it consistently” to “I expected more pizzazz from the Don and Chris keynote.” It’s hard to picture, at first, how any of this cloud stuff is relevant.  Do I really… Read more

My friend Faisal pinged me to let me know about a project that he has been working on with Kazi Manzur Rashid called  It is similar to DIGG and DotNetKicks, and based off their open source project called KIGG.  The site looks very slick, and is built upon ASP.NET MVC.  Check it out!… Read more

Using ASP.NET Dynamic Data with the Windows Workflow Foundation Rules Engine

In this post, I will show how to use the Windows Workflow Foundation rules engine to provide business logic for a Dynamic Data Entites Web Application.  We will show how to change business rules without modifying code, drive the application based on a logical entity model, and map the entity model to a data store…. Read more