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Go Dawgs! And go home, Herbstreit!

I can’t believe it happened.  Georgia is number 4, and the number 1 and number 2 teams got beat.

Let’s see… #1 and #2 lose, that means #3 and #4 move up, becoming the new #1 and #2, right?  Hmm… wait, this is the BCS, which is now subject to the whims of ESPN’s anchors. 

Last night, West Virginia played Pitt.  WVU was #2, and they lost.  People started praising that Ohio State would be in the National Championship, I thought I heard Kirk Herbstreit on ESPN go a little giddy.  Then, Oklahoma played Missouri.  Missouri was #1, and they lost.  Herbstreit changed his tune… barely a mention of Pitt’s success or Ohio State now being a lock for the National Chamionship game… nope, for about 30 minutes, he interspersed play calling with campaigning for LSU.

Here’s why this sucks so bad.  Earlier in the day, LSU played Tennessee for the SEC championship.  Even earlier in the day, Herbstreit made the monumental goof up of saying that LSU’s coach was going to Michigan… yep, before the SEC championship game.  The LSU coach was pissed (rightfully) and called out ESPN in a very brief press conference.  LSU went on to win the SEC game.  That leaves Herbstreit without actually apologizing publicly.  Instead, he campaigns for LSU to jump from #7 to #2, over other deserving teams.

The BCS is screwed up, horribly, and this year they decided to give more weight to voters instead of the computers.  Why this sucks really badly is that Herbstreit might actually succeed in getting LSU to jump over Georgia. The guy was the color commentator for one of the most-watched college football games so far this year, and he spent the last quarter of it campaigning for LSU rather than calling the game.  He had an active audience and abused it in his favor to make up for his bonehead move of saying the LSU coach was leaving right before a huge game.

I have all the respect for LSU, I love the SEC, but honestly… Georgia deserves the National Championship game more than anymone.  Georgia is next in line.  Herbstreit is out of line.

We’ll find out tonight at 5pm.