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Opera Letter is Disingenuous

Going through a morning TwitterScan, I notice a lot of buzz around Opera’s letter to the web community.  I jumped over to that page to see what everyone was talking about, and then paused. I was shocked at what I was looking at.  I think I was even more shocked at the credibility that people… Read more

Windows Media Roadmap

Last week Scott Guthrie (ScottGu) provided a first look at the new .Net Web Technology Roadmap. It gives a great overview of the improvements and enhancements in, Silverlight and IIS 7.0.  My colleague, Harry Mower, posted an interesting blog post that highlights the roadmap for Windows Media.  Specifically, he highlights the IIS7 Media Pack… Read more

UGA to play Hawaii? Was USC that afraid of getting beaten?

I have to give props to Hawaii, the only team to go undefeated.  But seriously, look at who they played: Northern Colorado. Louisiana Tech.  UNLV.  Charleston Southern.  Great schedule, guys… I think you missed the St. Mary’s Boys’ College in that schedule to round out a tough year. And now UGA gets to play them… Read more