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Using Silverlight and AOL’s Video Search

I had the pleasure of writing a series of articles for The AOL Developer Network,  The first two articles of the series are now posted. 

Part 1 walks through some basics of using JavaScript with Silverlight and using the AJAX API for Truveo video search.  This is a great way to start from the ground up and really understand how to get started with Silverlight development using scripting.

Part 2 builds upon the first article by showing how to host multiple Silverlight controls on a single page, and highlights scenarios where this would be common and should be considered when building page frameworks.  It also demonstrates how to dynamically add elements to the control tree.  This article cleans up some of the shortcuts that we took in part 1, and makes the code a little more elegant.

Something else I thought was pretty cool is how easy it was to deploy a Silverlight application to a SharePoint site.  You can see a working example on my SharePoint site

Part 3 hasn’t been posted yet, but it focuses on rewriting all of the scripting content using Silverlight 1.1 and managed code.  I also introduce a WCF bridge that uses the WebGet attribute for REST style services.  This article shows off many of the techniques introduced in various sessions at this year’s MIX conference in one concise and easy to read demo.

Silverlight and Truveo Video Search 

Silverlight and Truveo Video Search – Part 2