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A Great Weekend for College Football

UGA logoLast weekend was WTF Saturday, with 5 of the top 10 teams losing games (4 of which were to UNRANKED teams).  I don’t see how anyone could have done well in a college football pool or in a fantasy league from last week.  My mom would have done great in a college football pool, we used to joke that she picks teams by the color of their jersey. 

And a nice benefit of others’ loss… Georgia moved back up to number 12 in the rankings! 

If you haven’t ever watched Saturday football before, this is the weekend to start.  A bunch of great matchups, a lot on the line, and a lot of bad blood between the teams.  This weekend is going to be THE big weekend for college football. 

Georgia at Tennessee – Look for it at 3:30 pm EST on CBS.  This is always a big game, but this year promises to be a huge matchup.  Georgia lost last year to the Volunteers, probably from hearing that Gawd awful “Rocky Top” song so many freaking times.  Mark Richt has a 23-3 win record on the road, let’s make it 24, coach!  Go DAWGS!  Let’s hope the announcers are better than they were in the Alabama game, because Larry Munson won’t be calling this game… he’s only doing home games this year.

Texas versus OU – The Red River Shootout is at 3:30 pm EST on ABC and ESPN 360.  This is a sight to see, as the Cotton Bowl stadium is literally divided in half… burnt orange on one side, OU red on the other.  There’s a lot at stake for both teams, both coming off upsets from last week.  This is going to be smashmouth football.

Vigrinia Tech at Clemson – 6:00 pm EST on ESPN.  Clemson is playing great this year, and Virginia Tech is always a great team to watch. 

Florida at LSU – 8:00 pm EST on CBS.  This is really the game of the night.  I hate Florida (I REALLY hate Florida), and since they just got their arses handed to them last week, it would be great if LSU sends them home bruised with another loss under the belts.  Great to see LSU at #1, finally they are getting the respect instead of USC.  I would love to see LSU take on USC this year!

Even if you don’t watch college football very much, this is a great weekend to start.  And hopefully Monday will see Georgia back in the top 10.