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Blame it on Halo 3

I meant to post this earlier, but… err, well, I couldn’t get around to it… I was playing Halo 3.Blame Halo 3 – Watch more free videos Too funny… I have played several of the guys shown in the players list at 2:57. When you recognize gamer tags in a video making fun of your… Read more

Using Silverlight and AOL’s Video Search

I had the pleasure of writing a series of articles for The AOL Developer Network,  The first two articles of the series are now posted.  Part 1 walks through some basics of using JavaScript with Silverlight and using the AJAX API for Truveo video search.  This is a great way to start from the… Read more

OMG!!! UGA Wins Against Florida!!!!

HOLY CRAP!!!!  Urban Meyer throws his headphones (a la Spurrier throwing his visor), and UGA wins against Florida, 42-30!!! Knowshon Moreno was undoubtedly the player of the game, and ESPN had BETTER show UGA having the winning Game Changing Play.  I am floored.  I bet against UGA today.  I bet against Boston College on Thursday. … Read more

Linking Live IDs

Tim Heuer has a post about a fantastic new feature of Live IDs. well when you go to a live id-enabled site you’ll be able to switch identities immediately on that site without having to logout/login to a different windows live id…you’ll be instantly changed on the same site…that is awesome.  … Read more

Backing Up Your Zune

My laptop hard drive was running out of space, so I moved all of my music files to an external USB drive.  Shortly after, the external USB crashed.  Now, the Zune was the only place that had all of these songs (and I have a ton of songs that I ripped from CD before a… Read more

Microsoft and The Blue Monster… I Don’t Get It

As much as I hate to admit it, there are still those within Microsoft who actually embrace the V3 mentality.  You know the old saying, “Microsoft doesn’t really get it ‘right’ until V3 of any product”.  There are actually people who cite missing or broken features as a symptom of a V1 product.  Recently, a… Read more

A Sad Day at AOL

Seems like there are some layoffs going on at AOL, and some really talented people are suddenly without jobs.  It’s really sad, as I have had the opportunity to meet quite a few folks over at AOL.  There was a transformation at AOL recently, where AOL left the staid-tried-and-true business model to an ad-driven model… Read more

A Great Weekend for College Football

Last weekend was WTF Saturday, with 5 of the top 10 teams losing games (4 of which were to UNRANKED teams).  I don’t see how anyone could have done well in a college football pool or in a fantasy league from last week.  My mom would have done great in a college football pool, we… Read more