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Architecture Webcast Series – Architecting the Customer Experience With WCF and Silverlight

Thought I would let everyone know about a webcast that I am putting on this Wednesday!  I am going to show off Silverlight and WCF together, showing how to use things like JSON encoding from services and using that within a Silverlight 1.0 application.

Architecting the Customer Experience With WCF and Silverlight


Wednesday, September 26th, 2007 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM Eastern Time

Please feel free to forward this invitation to anyone else in your organization.


In this installment of the Architecture Webcast Series:

Silverlight is a very exciting new technology from Microsoft, enabling engaging user experiences and rich internet applications.  Silverlight is a cross-platform, cross-browser enabled technology supporting major browsers on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux through Project Moonlight.  Please join Microsoft Architect Evangelist Kirk Allen Evans for a look at how to build Silverlight applications using Silverlight 1.0, now Generally Available as an RTM product.  You will also learn how to leverage Windows Communication Foundation to expose services that are easily consumed from Silverlight applications.  This session will explore how to architect solutions that use Silverlight to present external data.  We will discuss how to use Silverlight to consume services, and how to leverage the new features of .NET 3.5 to expose those services with a variety of different formats such as SOAP, RSS, and Atom syndication formats.  We will also discuss the architecture of WCF that enables you to design services that expose formatted messages with text, binary, or JSON encodings for optimal services reuse.


Please feel free to forward this invitation to others that may be interested in this event.


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