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My Bad Day

Bad days.  Everyone has them.  The days when the Fates seem intent on testing your resolve to Job-like levels.

I had one of those days.

  • My annual performance review was not nearly what I expected.  It was the kind of review that makes you question if the insane travel, late nights, and big customer deals were at all worth it, because you would have gotten the same review if you sat in your underwear playing XBox all day. 
  • My flight home was delayed.  Not just a little, but a LOT.  I was supposed to be home by 10:00 pm… I got in at 2:00 am.
  • I got up this morning and fired up the XBox (yep, still in my boxers) and got the frigging red ring of death.  Great that we extended the warranty period to 3 years, but dammit… I really wanted to blow off some steam by crushing some folks in Halo 2.  This is the second time that I got the red ring of death.
  • My external USB hard drive crashed.  OK, that happened about 2 weeks ago, but all of my music was on my external harddrive.  When I plugged in my Zune, it started to sync, and for some ridiculous reason started deleting my songs!  Now they’re gone from the harddrive AND from my Zune!
  • I thought I would work on a screencast… my video camera didn’t survive the trip back from our vacation, I can’t insert a new tape into it.

Surprisingly, I am still in a good mood. 

I am not standing on the side of the road at 2:00 am working with tar or unjamming toilets at the airport at 1:30 am like the guys I saw late last night.