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Are you ready for some football?!?!

Georgia Bulldogs LogoIt’s that glorious time of year again… time for College Football.  If you are thinking, “so what?” then you probably didn’t grow up in the South.  For example, this piece understands what college football is like in the South:

Since I moved to Carrollton, Texas, Saturdays are a little odd.  There’s some football hype here, but it seems quieter.  Sure, you see cars with Texas, Texas A&M, and Oklahoma stickers and flags all over them, but it’s not the same.  You see some cars and trucks, but you don’t see nearly as many.  Spend a Saturday in Georgia and you’ll see what I mean.  People buy red Ford Expeditions just so that their UGA stuff all over the truck matches it better in the fall.  Walk into Wal Mart and see how many little girls are decked out in their University of Georgia cheerleader outfits (my little girl will be today!)

Maybe the difference is that people here talk about pro football more than they do in Georgia.  After all, there’s really not much to talk about with the Atlanta Falcons after you get done talking about Michael Vick’s stupidity.  Contrast to the Dallas Cowboys, and you can see why there’s so much more of a following for professional football. 

I am going to the gym for a bit.  I can watch ESPN while on the treadmill.  I’ll be easy to spot… just look for the only guy decked out in UGA gear.