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Live Image Search is a Sad Commentary on My Life

Don’t ask how this got started, but late tonight I wound up on a Live Image Search for “Kirk Evans”. If my wife weren’t asleep right now, she’d be doubled over laughing hysterically.

In the first 20 results, there is a Verizon Palm Treo phone.  My wife has taken to calling the device “his mistress” and “that damned thing” because I am constantly connected… even while on vacation… like now.

 Within the next 20 results, there is a shot of PowerPoint 2007.  Yep, I traded my programmer’s soul for a remote mouse clicker.

There’s a screen grab of me defragging my machine… I spend an absurd amount of time in system maintenance these days, especially when we consider movign 12GB files for VPC images on and off the hard drive constantly.

The funniest, to me at least, is the picture of a fried turkey.  My wife routinely calls me a redneck with an education.  This list of images from my blog just reconfirms that.