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Just Blog to Win a Free XBox?

Can’t get to Vegas or Orlando?  Have you heard about the Microsoft Web Experience events in Los Angeles and Denver?  Want to win an XBox 360 simply by cutting and pasting?  Read on.

These Web Experience events are about the technologies that Microsoft offers.We are showing how to build compelling solutions using technologies like Blend, Silverlight, and AJAX. These events are meant for operations, hosters, developers, architects, and business decision makers.  In short, we are taking some of the same information from MIX and TechEd to your doorstep. We are providing breakfast, and lunch, and there is a beer and wine reception (FREE BEER) at the end of each event. We are also giving away an XBox and a Zune by randomly drawing from the list of attendees.

OK, you can win an XBox in a drawing if you attend.  But how do you win just by cutting and pasting?  At the New York City Web Experience event, we were accused of trying to throw an event “on the QT”.  You see, we primarily market these events directly towards a small list of customers, then open them up to the general public if there are still some seats available.  There are still some seats available in both Denver and LA, and I want you to help me fill them.  XBox 360To help fill those seats, we are giving away two XBox 360s to people simply who blog about the event with some pre-canned text. The first XBox 360 will be given away during the keynote at the Los Angeles Web Experience event this week, the second will be given away during the keynote at the Denver Web Experience event next week. To win, all you gotta do is blog about it, because that’s how we are going to draw the winner.

We are going to look up the winner live using Technorati during the keynote. We will pick a number randomly and then pick that number post from the list of Technorati results that use the tag “MicrosoftWebExperience“. The post must include the following text, unedited (just cut and paste this into your blog post):

OK, for those that didn’t catch the instructions, here they are one more time:

  1. Copy and paste the text from the textarea above into a blog post.
  2. Tag that post with the tag “MicrosoftWebExperience”
  3. .

  4. I’ll announce the winner on my blog.

Now get to cuttin’ and pastin’!