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Those XML Features Are in VS2005, You Don’t Have to Wait for Orcas!

InfoQ posts about 5 short demos on features you will find in Orcas.  Glad to see some buzz being generated about Visual Studio “Orcas” features, but…

The Data team’s post (the one that the InfoQ article points to) is a little misleading.  The post refers to a recent keynote at VSLive! in San Francisco that showed the idea of conceptual data programming with 5 short demos.  The blog post seems to indicate that each of the 5 demos show features you will find only in the next version of Visual Studio (code-named “Orcas”).   The fact is that the first two (XML Editor, XSLT Debugging) can be done today using any version of Visual Studio 2005 (including the freely available Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition).

They may not be features that you knew were there (I didn’t realize they were there when I blogged about these features over a year ago), but they are nice features of Visual Studio 2005 for working with XML!