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Interesting Stuff Going On at AOL

Just stepped over to and saw some interesting items over there.

AOL has stepped up support for OpenID.  This is pretty interesting, especially considering the recent CardSpace and OpenID collaboration announcements.  I am loving the renewed focus on providing identity over the internet.  There is a bit of chatter on about this announcement and speculation on what will come of it. Glad to hear that news is spreading fast and that so many are excited about the possibilities of OpenID and CardSpace.

Shawn Wildermuth has started a series on using ASP.NET with AOL’s API set. For ASP.NET developers, it won’t seem like anything revolutionary.  But take a look at the finished screenshot… that’s with 12 lines of code and some declarative markup!

AOL video search in 12 lines of ASP.NET code

Looking forward to the rest of Shawn’s series to see what he uncovers in their API set.