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Zune and Public Marketing

I went to Costco this past Wednesday to pick up some peanut oil to fry a turkey for Thanksgiving.  As I wandered into the store, I was immediately greeted with a display showing off Zune players.  I was interested, because I haven’t seen one up-close yet.  The players weren’t on display, only some plastic packaging… Read more

Implemented TEST

It’s official, I implemented TEST. POST /kaevans HTTP/1.1Host:blogs.msdn.comContent-Type: text/xml; charset=”utf-8″Content-Length: nnnn<person>  <name>Kirk Allen Evans</name>  <state>TX</state></person> Of course, the very first Saturday that I am here, Georgia is playing Auburn, and the FREAKING GAME ISN’T TELEVISED HERE IN DALLAS!!!  I am trying to get updates via ESPN GameCast, but there’s just nothing like hearing the gravelly… Read more