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My Name Is, My Name Is, My Name Is

I am hugely appreciative any time that someone finds any of my ramblings useful enough to quote or duplicate. It is amazing to me that anyone ever stumbles upon my blog.

While I am certainly not the most grammar-conscious person in any crowd, I admit that I found Eats, Shoots & Leaves hysterical. I feel justified in over-stepping this boundary for a moment.

My name is Kirk Allen Evans.

  • The possessive form of my surname is Evans‘s, as in “Kirk Allen Evans’s post on IXmlSerializable was crap.
  • The plural form of my surname is Evanses, as in “Only one blog exists amongst the Georgia Evanses.
  • The plural possessive form of my name is Evanses’, as in “The Evanses’ house just sold and they are moving to Texas.”

My posts are routinely quoted as being found on “Kirk Allen Evan’s blog”, or more often, “Allen Evan’s blog”.

I can’t help but find it amusing that, among such a highly educated crowd, I am the #1 hit for a search for “allen evan“.

[Update: James Curran called me on a mistake.  After double-checking with The Grammar Lady, James was right about the possessive form of my surname.  Sheesh… Ms. Crawford in elementary school had me writing it incorrectly for about 30 years!]