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HOWTO: Write controls compatible with UpdatePanel without linking to the ASP.NET AJAX DLL

Eilon Lipton wrote a fantastic article on how to write controls that are “AJAX-aware”. By changing just a few typical lines of RegisterClientScript code and using a small bit of Reflection, you can determine if a page is using a ScriptManager or not and render client script appropriately. Read the post at…. Read more

Scott Guthrie Speaking in Dallas on Nov 2nd

Scott Guthrie, “The Father of ASP”, is speaking at the North Dallas .NET User Group on November 2nd. Scott is a fantastic speaker and always has some incredibly cool demos to show off. His presentation will include: ASP.NET 2.0 Ajax ASP.NET (formerly Atlas) LINQ (ScottGi’s related blog post) Tips and Tricks Ajax ASP.NET Control Toolkit… Read more

My Name Is, My Name Is, My Name Is

I am hugely appreciative any time that someone finds any of my ramblings useful enough to quote or duplicate. It is amazing to me that anyone ever stumbles upon my blog. While I am certainly not the most grammar-conscious person in any crowd, I admit that I found Eats, Shoots & Leaves hysterical. I feel… Read more

Launch event: Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals

Register quickly at, as this event is sure to fill up quickly.  Atlanta GA 11/30 Boston MA 12/14 Chicago IL 12/12 Cincinnati OH 12/07 Dallas TX  12/13 Denver CO 12/13 Detroit MI 12/05 Ft. Lauderdale FL 12/12 Houston TX 12/14 Los Angeles CA 12/07 Milwaukee WI 12/06 Minneapolis MN 11/29 Mountain View CA 12/5… Read more

Free .NET 3.0 Training!

Want to learn .NET 3.0?  Here’s your chance to learn it for free. .NET University Doug Turnure, Developer Evangelist extraordinaire, announced .NET University.  Want to teach a group on .NET 3.0?  Doug will work with you to provide certificates of completion and even t-shirts for .NET U alumni!  If you would like to teach all… Read more

Live From Redmond Webcast Series

How cool is this? I just read about a great webcast series called “Live From Redmond” that has some really great content in it. The talks are given by the product team members. Personally, I am loving the amount of Atlas coverage coming from the product team.   Upcoming Smart Client Talks   Date Title… Read more

I’ve Got That Buffett Thing Starting to Kick In

This year, I turn 35. There’s a song by Jimmy Buffett called “A Pirate Looks At Forty.” Most people would recognize the opening line, “Mother, Mother, Ocean… I have heard you call.” Looking back on the past 5 years and how quickly things have changed, I can’t help but feel that forty is quickly approaching…. Read more

JoeT Just Ain’t The Guy

What a lost season. UGA looked decent, but not great, against South Carolina. Since that game, Georgia has looked pretty lackluster. Joe Tereshinski was hurt during the South Carolina game, which coincided with the alumni rumble to have the new hot-shot Stafford throw the ball. Stafford threw against Colorado, and barely kept alive until Cox… Read more

Phased Migration From ASMX to WCF

This question came up on an internal list recently (rephrasing the question slightly): I have an ASMX service that is already exposed and is being consumed by a variety of user agents (mobile devices, windows forms, Java clients, etc). I want to change the service to use WCF without affecting existing clients. Is this possible?… Read more

Blog from Word 2007 WITH Code Formatting

The past few blog posts that I have made had some code in them, and the formatting was lost. I am using Word 2007 for posting to my blog (like a good corporate citizen), but was just about to give up. The blog posts are really hard to read when you have unformatted code in… Read more