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Reason #56: Why Hanselman rocks

Tonight I did a bit of referrer surfing, which could be deemed ego surfing.  I started looking through my referrer logs to see who is linking to what.  I stumbled across something I hadn’t before… 

It’s no Technorati.  They don’t seem to offer a “search blogs that link to this URL” feature explicitly, but that functionality seems to come with simply searching a URL.  There’s no upsell to try to get you to click on a Google ad link, but there is plenty of relevance for the link list protrayed in the browser. 

Good on ya Google for building it, shame on you for making if semi-obscure.

Anyway, that’s how I came across several hits to my blog from a thread that Scott Hanselman has been following.  No, he doesn’t completely defend XmlSerializer’s behavior here… which it smells like something is kind of broken.  I just am impressed that he followed the thread to a conclusion.  Good on ya Scott for being so dilligent. 

And that’s just reason #56 why Scott Hanselman rocks.