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C# Versus JavaScript Analogies

I was reading the comments on Nikhil’s blog post announcing Script#.

Dimitre Glazkov says that JavaScript is like a Ferrari:

C# is like a farm tractor: it’s got bare metal plate for a seat, looks ugly, smells funny, but eventually gets the job done. On the other hand, JS is like a Ferrari: it’s beautiful, elegant, comfortable to work with, and yes, dangerous (potentially lethal) for a novice.

James Curran comes back with a hysterical quote (slightly edited for readability):

C# is a drag racer. Not the prettiest, but loaded with power. (as the prophet says “I wasn’t built for comfort, I was built for speed”) JS is a rickshaw – [Not] the best engine, but since you have a comfortable seat and someone else is doing the work, you don’t care. Besides, if you whip it hard enough, it will do what you want.

I tried to explain it to my wife (not a programmer)… she looked sad that I found that as funny as I did.