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Why PowerPoint 2007 Rocks

I blogged awhile back on how impressed I am with PowerPoint in Office 2007. Since my first impression, it has only gotten better. I created a quick list of items:

  • Team Foundation Server
    • Work Item Tracking
    • Reporting
    • Collaboration
    • Source Code Management
    • HttpHandler
    • HttpModule
  • ASMX
    • XmlSerializer
    • ASMX Lifecycle

I started tinkering with the ability to use Layouts in PowerPoint 2007 and the QuickStyles capability to quickly create some pretty impressive PowerPoint slides with an amazing quickness. Here are some quick images… I created all 3 of these in less than 30 seconds.

UPDATE:  Dammit… don’t know what happened to the images, lemme try this again.

Funny that I gave up PowerPoint for my presentations in favor of my favorite text editor… PowerPoint 2007 might make me include a slide or 2 in my presentations.