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There Needs to be More People Running Linux at TechEd

I am blog surfing for a couple minutes, starting from and finding several TechEd posts from Israel.  I stumbled across Oren Ellenbogen’s blog on TechEd Day 2, and saw a quote:

Oh, one thing! Try to tell what OS this dude is running… Yep, this is Linux (GNome)! a big NO-NO at TechEd ! :-)

Au contraire, Oren.  There needs to be more folks running Linux at TechEd.

Lemme explain.

I recently had the opportunity to speak to a group of hosters (folks who run hosting companies)recently about Visual Web Developer and ASP.NET 2.0.  I did a demo inspired by Scott Guthrie’s Atlas video.  The LAMP developers that were there were left with their jaws hanging open and asking for more.  Then we showed them IIS6, and they were amazed, with quotes like “I would have to pull together a bunch of mods to do anything like that.”  Then we showed them IIS7, and the reaction was pure excitement.

I’d much rather see an entire room full of people working on their Linux-powered laptops at an event like this.  I’m pretty sure that, by the end of the event, they’d be blogging about their experiences in tinkering with VWD, installing Vista, and how incredibly approachable they found the OS, IIS, and SQL Express to be.

That is, if we can convince the TechEd powers-that-be to get the really cool demos to be shown during the keynotes.  Hopefully someone will take note before TechEd Boston and adjust the keynotes accordingly, unless losing 2/3 of the crowd part way through a keynote is the intention.