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Blogging from Word 2007… Almost

Well, my blogging from Word 2007 didn’t go exactly as I planned.  But I just figured out why.

The post is sitting in CommunityServer, and the radio buttons indicate the post should be visible on the aggregated site.  If I go to my personal main feed on, the post never shows up.  And it never shows up in the main feed on, either.  But if I view the post URL directly, then the post is visible.  Bizarre.

I wasn’t sure if this is a CommunityServer bug or a Word 2007 bug yet.  I was thinking this is a CommunityServer bug in the MetaBlog API implementation, because the data was posted, stored, and published to my blog… it just never made it to the aggregated feeds for some reason. 

I created this new post and added this additional text to clarify that this just about made my day, if it would have worked completely.

Then I saw something a little bizarre.

The new post showed up in the list of posts in my ControlPanel underneath the other post.  huh?  What the? 

That’s when I saw that the post’s timestamp was still over an hour away.  I edited the timestamp on the post, and then the post hits the main feed.

So, the new feature enabling you to blog from Word 2007 does rock, once the timestamp weirdness gets settled.

Although… that seems like a potentially neat feature.  If you blog something and give it a future timestamp, you can control what time the post will hit the main feed, so you can target a specific audience with fresh content around the time of day that they are most likely to read your blog.