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Free MSAC Invitation – Registration is Filling Up Fast!

Whoa!  A lot of folks took me up on the offer for the Microsoft Architect Connections invitation.  With folks like Harry Pierson from Microsoft, David Sprott from CBDIForum, and Aaron Skonnard from Pluralsight speaking at a FREE CONFERENCE, it’s no wonder!

The Microsoft Architect Connections event is being hosted in Los Angeles June 5th – 7th.  This is a free event, and is going to be a top-quality show focusing on Enabling the Service Oriented Enterprise.  Registration is LIMITED, and the last of the available slots are quickly going.

There are some incredible sessions, and this is a rare opportunity to hear speakers of this caliber for free.  You can find out more information from the Microsoft Architect Connections web site.

Register now.  Quickly, this thing is filling up fast!