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Web Service Geek? Go Read Pluralsight’s blogs

I like to write in my blog, but I hardly read other blogs anymore.  In fact, I don’t have an aggregator installed, and my History for Internet Explorer shows mainly MSDN and MSN searches.  There are a few random website entries, likely from clicking on links in emails (TheServerSide.NET’s interview with Peter Provost being a recent entry). 

I decided to blow off work tonight and do some random blog surfing.  Started on… didn’t see anything that caught my eye.  Went to… nada.  A couple slightly interesting things on, but nothing jumping out.  Then I went to pluralsight’s blogs.  An hour later, I have a list of things I want to try out with WCF and ASMX and incorporate into my presentations with customers.

Probably the three most commonly asked questions for ex-WSE developers are addressed in this list:

  • We used “via” in WSE to use tcpTrace… how do I do that in Indigo?
  • What the hell is the base address?
  • In ASMX, I had SoapExtensions to handle BeforeSerialize and AfterDeserialize… what’s the WCF equivalent?

You can find the answers below:

The base address question is only partially answered (although adequately if you have spent time trying to decipher it on your own).  Christian has a post on the confusion over baseAddress as well.

Some other not-to-be-missed reads on Indigo and WCF are kennyw’s blog and Steve Maine’s blog.  Makes me think I ought to install the VB.NET My.Blogs thing just to have an aggregator again.

Make sure to read Steve’s post where he actually uses the past-tense of “taking a dump” properly.  Thought that was a Southern term…