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DevComm5 – A Done Deal!

Wow… DevComm5 turned out huge!  Microsoft partnered with Dunn Training to put on 5 1-day training events spanning 5 weeks of top-notch, quality training content… for free to attendees!

There was a huge turnout for the ASP.NET and ADO.NET sessions, and today the 5-week, free .NET training event culminated in the giveaways for an XBox 360 and a Palm Treo 700w.  These guys gotta be happy… free training, and toys to boot!

Oh yeah… the pics taken below were taken with my nifty new Palm Treo 700w phone.

Jason Liu, receiving the XBox 360 giveaway

(L to R: Mark Dunn, Jason Liu, and Kirk Evans)

Ying Zhao receiving the Palm Treo 700w giveaway

(L to R: Mark Dunn, Ying Zhao, and Kirk Evans)